5 Tips to Help You “Go for the A” in Your Online Class

Ace Your Online Class
with these 5 Tips for Success!

There are numerous benefits to taking an online college class – they’re flexible, convenient, and meet you where youare. Whether that means scheduling a study break during your vacation, staying on top of assignments while your child naps, or posting to the discussion board during your lunch break, online education appeals to many types of students. However, an online course does not equal an “Easy A.” Just as in a traditional learning environment, online learning offers its own challenges. However, students can be just as successful (or more-so!) in their online courses by staying on top of their game! Try these five success tips to help you “go for the A” in your online class.

  1.   Log in daily. Students who log in every day have a greater chance of success in online courses. Online courses take discipline and drive, and logging in daily will ensure that you don’t miss important assignments and activities. Create a schedule and do not – I repeat, do not – procrastinate. Stay on top of your assignments or you can fall behind quickly!
  2. Communicate with your professor. Chances are, your professor wants you to succeed in the class just as much as you do. They can be both your ally and  your advocate during this time. Remember – they are the expert. They expect (and welcome) questions and discussions.
  3. Build your online community. Meet your classmates! Your peers can be a great source of assistance and comradery during your course. You’re in the same boat, so reach out and connect. Use tools like the discussion board to get to know your classmates early in the class.
  4.  Find – and utilize – your resources. Does your online program offer tutoring? Does your course have a list of library resources for student use? If you don’t know, find out. Students can benefit extensively from academic resources which are available to them – if they are aware that they exist. Poke around, find, and then employ all the resources available to you.
  5.  Familiarize yourself with the technology.Don’t waste the time you should be using on your coursework to decipher the technology or navigation in your online course. Do this ahead of time, before your course starts. Ask questions and participate in tutorials. Also – don’t forget your books! Order books ahead of time so you can review and get acquainted with the material before class starts.

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Best of luck to you!
Brett Miles, USG eCore Student Success Manager

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