Welcome to eCore Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College!

ABAC is the newest online eCore affiliate institution, starting with eCore this spring semester. ABAC is located in the beautiful countryside of South Georgia along the I-75 route in Tifton, GA where it has been for more than 100 years. Approximately 3,300 students attend ABAC with 1,300 of these students living on campus. ABAC offers bachelor’s degrees as well as associate degrees. Among its most popular degrees are Rural Studies, Bachelor of Science in Biology and BBA in Accounting. 

Dr. Niles Reddick, ABAC Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs, has been an eCore instructor teaching English for 4 years now. Dr. Reddick is a native Georgian who has authored several books, including Road Kill Art and Other Oddities and Lead Me Home. Dr. Reddick is also on the editorial board for Honors in Practice, a journal published by the National Collegiate Honors Council. Dr. Reddick lives in Tifton with his family.


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