'Twas the Night Before eCore Holiday Break


‘Twas the night before eCore holiday break and all through the Georgia ONmyLINE
Not a keyboard was clicking; the fingers had all stopped;
The books were all stacked on the shelves now with care,
The students had closed them, hardly remembering they were thar’,

The eCore students felt relieved to be resting at last,
Finally they could go to sleep without seeing 3 AM come & go past;
They felt like a load had been taken off their shoulders,
Not until January would they have to open any more folders!

While the students were all busy planning their spectacular holiday tastes,
The instructors were frantic grading papers in eCore deadline haste;
Rushing to the malls to buy presents, presents and more presents,
The students eagerly awaited the warm butter crescents.

“This is the life” one of them said to the other;
“I’m so glad we are out of school”, no more of the smother
Peppermint Mocha lattes at Starbucks taste so wonderful,
How can we make this holiday more grateful;

When going to the mall to buy gifts, for all that shopping fun;
They came across a soup kitchen and knew what had to be done,
Not once were they thinking about their computers at home all alone,
Just the holiday lights and how brightly they shone!

Celebrating the holiday, they never thought about school once;
No sitting in front of a screen, under the dimly lit sconce,
There was shopping and eating, gift wrapping and parties;
They had get-togethers, sleep overs, show times, those little smarties!

The computers were so bored; never challenged during break,
Most the time they leave them on hibernate,
They were getting no action whatsoever,
Not even the mouse,
Facebook and Twitter was the highlight of their day,
and even that didn’t light up the house.

Time is running low, only a few more days for fun and folly
eCore registration has now begun,
The dazzle of the lights is starting to dim,
 All of this holiday nonsense wearing them thin.

They know the important thing in life is their education,
So back to classes they go with virile satiation;
As well eCore instructors eagerly await the students return
For teaching these classes, their passions do burn!

It won’t be long now…the students will begin logging into classes,
The first day is January 9th, they will come in large masses;
The students will take down textbooks from dusty shelves,
And back to studying they will focus as they discipline themselves.

They spring to their desks as computer screens are aglow,
Then they think to themselves “Oh boy! Here we go!”

eCore students login, make introductions, and start this grand journey,
It’s an adventure…online eCore learning;
Discussion Boards come alive with activity,
As the students begin learning as is their proclivity!

Happy Holidays to all and to all a Nice Break!

– Written by Dawn Senfeld & Corri Johansen