Enjoying the Journey - Codee Burton

The journey to a college degree is not always an easy one, but Codee Burton is enjoying it every step of the way. He is fortunate...He has a strong support system, which can make you or break you during your college career. He also makes the most of his free time, which creates a good work-life balance. Too much work can be hard on the soul. 

What is your occupation?  
I work at the Drury Inn and Suites in Valdosta, GA.

What is your college major?  
My major is Organizational Leadership, emphasis on Public Relations.

Why did you choose to take courses through eMajor?  
I like eMajor because it makes college, with all of it's challenges both in and out of the classroom, just a little bit more convenient. More importantly the professors and advisors on campuses are what make it so easy and accessible to use. I haven't had one professor that hasn't been more than willing to do what it takes to see us succeed throughout the course.

Who is the biggest inspiration for your education?  
The biggest inspiration for my education is my family. Most of my family did not have the opportunity to attend a college or university; many of them that did, didn't finish. This pushes me to keep going and get that degree! My grandfather, Pappy, has told me thousands of times how he didn't finish school and how he wishes he could have. I don't like regret, and his advice has always been an inspiration for everything I have done in my life. My other main source of inspiration is my Mom; she never let me quit anything. At a very young age I did not appreciate that or a lot of the things my mother did for me. Now, I cannot imagine what, or more importantly WHO, I would be without her. She is the fuel that drives me to be better than I was yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

What is something cool you've learned this semester in your eMajor class?  
One cool thing I learned this semester was how to build a "blog website." I had a class where the entire semester was to make a website, specifically a blog, and we were to "make it our own." It was overwhelming at first but then as it started to fall together I was actually kind of surprised at the end product.

What three words would you use to describe your online instructor?  
Dedicated, Sincere, Caring. eMajor instructors are how all college professors should be. They care about the well-being and education of each and every student they have. 

Where is your favorite place to visit in the USA?  
My favorite places to visit in the US of A is by far Atlanta, GA and Bristol, TN. This is where my ever so inspiring and supportive family live. My brother, mom, and stepfather are in Atlanta. I love seeing them when I get to come home. The rest of my family is in Bristol - my dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. I get up there once a year around Christmas and love every second I get to spend with them!  

What kind of mood are you in right now, and why?  
Right now my mood is wonderful. Haha! I am watching Christmas movies, I have the day off, just finished school, planned a hunting trip next week, fishing trip at the end of the month, and in a couple weeks it will be Christmas! Hard to be in a bad mood at this point.

What is your favorite study spot?  
I don't have a favorite study spot, but I do the majority of studying at either my or my girlfriend's house.  

What is something your online classmates don't know about you?  
Something my online classmate's don't know about me would be that I was President of the Delta Chi Fraternity, Valdosta State Chapter from 2011-2012. 

What are your career plans beyond eMajor?  
My career plans are loose at this point, but I do have a few options. I want to stay in the business/sales department. Ever since I can remember I have been told, "you were a natural-born salesman." I rejected it at first, I think because it was the "beaten path" taken by many friends and family of mine. But as I have realized, sales is a great way to go!

Is there anything interesting you would like to share about yourself?  
I am an avid sports fan, athlete, and live to play my favorite sports; football, basketball, baseball/softball, and tennis. I have collected over 20 championships at VSU over the past years and have even traveled around the state of Georgia and Florida for annual tournaments that we WON! Recently I picked up the game of Disc Golf and won a tournament earlier this year as well as placed in my first sanctioned tournament.   

All of this has been a remarkable journey that I could not have completed without my friends and family. Buddy, my step dad, has never let me think any less of myself than he does, and although he won't admit it,  I hung the moon to him. He and my brother, Maks, are so much alike, without them it would be hard to keep on going and finish this wild ride that we call college. Of course, Pappy and Bobba are always there for an inspiring, feel-good sentiment whenever I call. My mom, like mentioned before, has never let me quit and always pushed me to do better and be better even when I thought I was at my best or my worst. It would be impossible to say that I would be the man I am today without them. 

Thank you for all of your support!


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