Real Student Stories: Regina Dean, Full-time Mom and College Student

Regina Dean
Age: 24
Valdosta State University

Why is completing your college degree important to you?
Graduating with my degree is important to me because being a nurse is something I have wanted since I was little. Now that I'm a wife and mom I want to make my boys proud of me and do something for myself while helping others.

Why did you choose to take online classes through eCore?
I am a stay at home mom and enjoy chasing my one year old around all day. Once I start the second half of my bachelor’s degree I will be busy and won't see my little boy much. Online classes mean I get to spend all day with my son and still go to school at night when he's asleep.

How would you describe the instructors you’ve had in your eCore classes?
My instructors have all been very vocal through online discussions, and interact with the students more than just grading and assigning work, more so than other online classes through other colleges I have attended.

Besides being a college student, what do you spend your time doing?
I spend my days chasing my one year old, attempting to work out and keep a clean house. When I finally escape the house my family enjoys camping, fishing, hiking and sports.

How and when do you make time to spend on your school work?
Every night after my family has dinner and my son is asleep I work on school work. Sometimes it requires leaving dishes in the sink and toys all over the floor, but at 8pm on the dot I start homework, Monday through Friday, just as I would if I were in an actual class.

What has been the best thing about your eCore experience?
It's amazing that eCore gives you free textbooks [in some classes]; textbooks are e-text books so you can take your assignments anywhere without having to take anything other than your computer! My family is vacationing this summer when I should be in classes and I will be able to take my laptop and do everything in my hotel room at night!

What would you say to someone who is considering taking their first online class through eCore?
Just because it's an online class does not mean that it’s easy. Online classes require a lot of work, time management and since you are not listening to a teacher talk all of your knowledge comes from reading the text so you MUST read ALL of the assigned readings to get a good grade!


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