60 Seconds with eCore Student and Grandmother of 8, Cathryn Vandiver

Cathryn with three of her eight grandchildren. 
Cathryn Vandiver
Age: 56
Institution: Dalton State College

Why is completing your college degree important to you?
Completing my college degree will be a dream come true! I started this journey over 37 years ago and did not finish. Since then, I have raised a family as a single parent for 14 years with three young children. I worked two jobs for many years, and I was a legal secretary for attorneys for over twenty years. I currently keep three of my grandchildren while my two daughters teach school. I want my college degree because I need it to pursue my ultimate goal, and to be an inspiration to others that it is never too late to learn and contribute to society! Thank you for the opportunity eCore gives students like me who could not otherwise attend classes in person to get their college degree.

Why did you choose to take online classes through eCore?
It was offered by the college I wanted to attend, Dalton State College.

How would you describe the instructors you've had in your eCore classes?
This is the first time I have ever had eCore or online classes before so it is very new to me. The two professors I have seem to really care about us succeeding and try very hard to explain any questions we have. So far, so good!

Besides being a college student, what do you spend your time doing?
I keep three of my grandchildren, ages 2, 3, and 5. My hobby is studying the Bible and I spend time with my elderly aunt, age 81, who recently had two strokes. I have 8 grandchildren so I make sure I spend quality time with them also.

How and when do you make time to spend on your school work?
I spend a lot of time reading and I am one of those students who has to read first before I can discuss. I want to know what I am going to be discussing! I cannot skip to the specific point, I have to read the lesson. That is hard for me. I would say I spend at least four hours every day on eCore classes.

What would you say to someone who is considering taking their first online class through eCore?
That it’s great! It is taking me a little time to get to where I can discuss earlier in my weekly assignments but I am learning and the program is set up for just that, for us to learn! I highly recommend it and look forward to many more eCore classes. One big advantage, you have a calendar. There is nothing that can interfere like in a classroom. You know exactly what is expected of you and you do it! It certainly is the only way I can attend college at this stage in my life, and you meet lots of wonderful students in your discussions. If you don't need outside motivation, if you are focused on your goals at college, eCore might be the right answer for you!

What has been the best thing about your eCore experience?
The best thing about my eCore experience is bringing the classroom into my home so I can work on my lessons at my convenience. I am learning so much, and retaining, I believe, more than I do in a classroom. It seems to be working not only for a grade but for why I am here which is to learn!


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