The Real Life of Dr. Anne Gaquere-Parker

Dr. Anne Gaquere-Parker is Associate Professor Organic Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator at the University of West Georgia. 

What she dreamed she'd be when she was growing up: A science teacher.

Least favorite word: Y'all

Last movie that made her cry: "Chorus," a French film

Favorite driving song: "Midnight Train to Georgia," Gladys Knight & Pips

Most challenging part of being an eCore instructor: Wondering why students suddenly drop off the face of the earth (or so it seems) without any explanation.

How she spends a typical Sunday: Checking eCore class because quizzes are often due on Sunday.

What she would tell her 10-year-old self: Don’t worry about being hard-headed, it will serve you well in the end and do your homework, always!

What she loved to do as a 6--year-child: Lock herself  up in the bathroom with household chemicals to see what would happen when they were mixed together. 

Biggest accomplishment before college: Winning high school mathematics competition.

Definition of success: Getting to the point where you are comfortable enough so as not to care what people think.

The most interesting online student she ever had: "I think he is in my class right now. He has a great sense of humor and shares it on the discussion board, especially when something goes wrong with the experimental part. He cracks me up."


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