eCore Eats ~ Wise Owl Cupcakes

Easy to make.  You will need:
·         24 plain cupcakes completely cooled– flavor of your choice. Note, if you are not a baker, you can buy undecorated cupcakes from your local bakery or the grocery store bakery.
·         48 Oreos – I used golden for this project.  I have used regular ones with other color combinations.  Note that double stuff separate much more easily.
·         48 Junior Mints
·         Icing to decorate
·         Food coloring – your color choice – one for light and dark and one for beak
·         Decorator bags or heavy duty Zip-lock bags

1.    Ice your cupcakes with a light version of whatever color scheme you are using.  This can be done with an icing bag and tip as pictured, spread on with a knife smoothly or if you want you can put icing in a bag and snip the corner off to pipe icing on the cupcake.  Does not need to be fancy.

2.    Separate your Oreo cookies so that you have enough for 48 eyes.

3.    Add Junior Mints to the Oreos.  Mine are a bit off center on purpose.  If you put flatter side down and gently press, it will adhere to the icing on the cookie.  No special adhesion needed.

4.    Place the eyes side by side on the cupcakes.  They will be larger than the width of the cupcake so gently press them down on the icing so they hold.

5.    With an icing bag or Zip-lock bag with a tiny tip snipped off the end, carefully pipe the eyelashes as pictured.

6.    Next take a darker version of your color and pipe on the “V” like I have done for the brow of the Owl.

7.    Lastly, pipe a yellow or orange beak on your Owl.

8.    You are ready.  We used these for an eCore tailgate recently.  They are great too for kid’s parties.  And easy enough for older children to actually do themselves.  Great party activity!!!

by Nicolle Coleman, eCore Support Staff and part-time baker


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