Why Thirty is Not the New Twenty

Apparently, all those little decisions about finishing college, what first real job to take, or whom to date set the path for just about everything else that occurs in our lives. And it's true - the vast majority of these initial adult decisions occur in our twenties. According to Dr. Meg Jay, "our 20s are the defining decade of adulthood," and 80 percent of our life's "most defining moments take place by age 35." In Thirty Is Not the New Twenty: Why Your 20s Matter (bigthink.com), Jay describes how our choices and the things we fail to do during this decade lay the groundwork for our future success and satisfaction.
So, maybe it's time to take this time of our lives (or our children's lives) a bit more seriously. Of course, many people go back to college after the age of 30  - and we're here to help them succeed. Others change careers and start families in their 40s and 50s. Nevertheless, staying intentionally on track in the magic decade appears to diminish many regrets later. If we'd only known then what we know now . . . .


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