eCore Rap Master - Dr. Roger Marietta

Watch eCore's own Dr. Roger Marietta showcase his rapping talents in his face-to-face classroom. As an associate professor and politician, Dr. Roger Marietta continually engages both students and constituents with his wit and clever approaches to the serious business of politics.
An associate professor of political science at Darton College, Dr. Marietta has also been teaching Political Science 1101 with UWG eCore for half a decade (5 years!). However, he is no newbie to online learning; he is a seasoned distance learning professor. He taught web-based as well as cable TV courses during his career. learning has really evolved since then!

Dr. Marietta is also the former mayor of Fayetteville, GA, and is presently the elected Ward 4 Commissioner in the City of Albany. He also serves on the Dougherty County Board of health and the Albany Aviation Commission.

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